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  • Guru Arjan Dev (born April 15 1563) is a Sikh guru. He became a Guru on September 1st 1556. He became a Guru because of the amount he sacrificed for himself. He laid down the foundations for the Harmandir sahib, which means “The Golden Temple”. It was built in the middle of the second sacred [pool] in Ramdaspur that was the tallest building in the town. He thought that it should not be the tallest building in town so he ordered it to be it on the lowest ground in the pool. He helped a lot around and dug wells and laid more foundations.


Relations between Akbar and Guru Arjan Dev ji were cordial but things changed after the accession of Jahangir. Ultimately the Guru was tortured in 1606.[5] Sikhs believe that, having obtained leave to bathe in the Ravi river, he vanished, to the fear and wonder of those guarding him.

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