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Religions exist to map the path of return to the Divine, be it in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism.

The Abrahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam share a common ancestor, Abraham, and to a large extent, a common moral code, the Decalogue (the ten commandments).

The moral code is simply a code of behaviour which enables you to be a responsible human being living in community with your neighbour, your family, your peers, your friends.

Above all, the moral code is designed to help you be responsible to yourself and to move on to human maturity, and grasp the meaning of life and what makes it all work. So there are a series of guides or commandments with respect for divine, for the property of others and respect for other persons. The end design of the moral code is that you will have respect for yourself.

Masturbating is self-pleasure, and an activity of the mind. If you can manage your mind, then you can manage anything in life. The mind is your servant, not your master, so master the mind and be a mastermind.

The road to the top of the mountain has many turns, bends, and crevices. It does not matter if you fall from time to time. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep going towards your destination, God. Youth is determination. Use your determination to gain self confidence, self understanding, and self respect.

God loves you very much.