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There are five Prayers a day. Since each Prayer takes about 7 minutes to perform, that adds up to over 30 minutes of private time, and Islamic followers cherish every minute of them! Prior to the Prayer, it is necessary to perform wudu' (ablution), which consists of washing the mouth, nose, face, head, ears, hands, arms, elbows, and feet, in a prescribed way. Just the act of washing with cool water awakens the senses and helps to enter a state of utter refreshment.

"There are five Prayers which God has prescribed for His servants. For those who perform them properly, without disrespectful omissions, there is a guarantee that God will admit them to Paradise. To those who do not observe them, however, God offers no such guarantee: He may punish them or He may admit them to Paradise, as He wills." (An-Nasi)

Once the Prophet told his Companions, "The five set Prayers may be compared to a stream of fresh water, flowing in front of your house, into which you plunge five times each day. Do you think that would leave any dirt on your body?"

They replied: "None at all!"

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Indeed, the five Prayers remove sins, just as water removes dirt." (Muslim)

The Prophet also said: "The five set Prayers are expiation, for there is something amongst them by which major sins are repelled." (Muslim)

"What distinguishes us from the Hypocrites is our attendance at late night and early morning Prayers, both of which they miss." (Malik)

"Had anything been dearer to Him than this, it would have become a form of worship for His angels. As it is [each of them performs part of the Prayer,] some bowing, some prostrating themselves, some standing upright and some sitting on their heels." (AT-Tabarani)

One of the Prophet's Companions, Abu Hurairah (may God be pleased with him) said: "If someone makes his ablution and does it well, then sets out with the intention of performing the Prayer, he is already in the state of Prayer while on his way to it.

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