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A comparison of the Mool Mantra to the Christian teachings would include the following
  • One God - there is only One God.
Christians also teach there is only one God
  • He, One God, His name is Truth.
The Divine Name is I Am Who Am, given to Moses at Mt Sinai. This name simply means God is Being, the same being that is in everyone, and every THING. Sikhs also have a teaching that God is BEING. This is called Sat-Chit-Ananda
  • He, One God, is the Creator of the All
Christians also teach that God is the Creator of the Universe and all that exists within it. God created everything in six days, and God said "It is good"
  • He, One God, is without fear,
Christians also believe that Fear is not an attribue of God. However, they do take up the teaching of the Old Testament Prophets and the New Testament teaching: Fear of the Lord is the begininng of Wisdom
  • He, One God, is without hatred
Christians also teach that Hate is not a quality within God. Jesus taught that what is evil comes out from within men's hearts. Not from God.
  • He, One God, is timeless,
Christians also teach that God, the Summum Bonum, is both immanent and transcendent; that is to say, God is both within time and space and beyond time and space. Time and space are attributes of Creation.
  • He, One God, is self-existent (He is not a created being like everything else)
Christians also teach tht God is being without a cause
  • He, One God, is known by the Guru's grace.
Christians teach that God gives grace and is known where there is love. Where you have love, there you have God, and the grace of God.

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