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All religions teach that God is omni-potent. That means all powerful, in all times and in all places.

God as being encompasses all the worlds within himself, for all being comes from God. All existence comes from God. It is ok to believe in the Big Bang, and to believe in God. Both are one and the same.

The Qur'an teaches that God created man and all living things for his utilization.

The Bible teaches that God said, 'Let there be (this and that and everything else), and so it was'. The Bible simply tells you a mythologicial account of a truth, that God created everything. No one was there to witness it.

Hinduism teaches that God caused a sound, called the OM, from which everything emerged. With this one word, OM, Hinduism teaches that mountains rose, rivers flowed, birds flew through the air, man walked on earth and every living thing came into being.

So it is said that God has four attributes

  • omnipotent - all powerful in all times and in all places
  • omniscient - all knowing
  • omnipresent - present in all times and in all places
  • omnifelicity - all loving, and only LOVE.

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