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This is a theological question, in that it involves matters of faith. In fact, you could say that it requires faith in Jesus as a divine, or an incarnation of God. Christians say that Jesus was the Son of God. Christian theology teaches that the Son, is one of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is through this teaching of Trinity, that it may be said that Jesus reveals God today.

Good works and Christian Charity which are done in the name of Jesus reveal the works of God in the world. Anything that is done for God and offered up to God can reveal the divine presence, and divine love for mankind.

Devotion to God elicits divine grace; divine grace is benefice, blessing, gift, energy and strength, and the sense of the divine presence. These are known only on the interior of the person, so the fruits of faith and the sense of the Divine as present and acting in both the life of the believer, the devotee, and in the world are gifts of faith, and acts of grace.

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