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Muslims tend to identify themselves individually and personally, and not as a complete group. Therefore, you will understand, that accounts of being a muslim are often from a specific point of view.

To use a simile, muslims are like a nomadic people who have spread to every country on the earth, and in each and every country, muslim life and worship is different.

There are no two muslim-way-of-life alike. So we cannot speak generally and answer for all muslims. What Muslims in France wear for clothes, eat, do for a living, what kind of houses they live in, will be totally different from what Muslims in Indonesia wear, speak, eat, the kinds of houses they live in, their daily labour, heck, even the money they spend is different.

So you cannot, by way of metaphor, compare chalk with cheese. They really like cheese.

What you can say is that all muslims:~

  • have recited shahadah

  • have an obligation to fulfil the five pillars of Islam

  • believe in one God whom they call Allah

  • believe that Muhammad was his Prophet.

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