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The history of England is that Henry the VIII wished to divorce his wife and remarry, however the Roman Catholic church would not let him do so. So he set up the Church of England, which would because he was in charge of it.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anglican Catholic Answer!

The English Church has never broken away from the Roman Church! It was the Bishop of Rome that excommunicated henry. Both Henry and the pope had been involved in some quite sordid business of which Henry's Queen Catherine was the subject, Henry wanted an annulment and at the cost of massive amounts of money, the Bishop of Rome would provide it! Unfortunatly the Bishop was taken prisoner by the Queen's nephew, who objected to his aunt being used this way. This prevented the Pope from carrying out his side of the bargain and Henry was left not only poorer, the pope kept the cash, but the butt of Europe's laughter! He was wild and in a fit of pique found out that any decent Bishop or metropolitan could have done the work and probably for a lot less gold, also, that the Bishop of Rome, had he done it, would have been acting illegally. The English Church, at Henry's prompting possibly, then passed a canon pointing out that the Bishop of Rome had no authority in England! This was true, it came from the most authoritive source,(after Christ,) in the Catholic Church, the Ecumenical Councils, It was the pope who separated from Henry.

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