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How did the ancient greeks worship their gods?

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  • You get nothing for nothing. The Greeks knew this.
  • In order to get something from the Gods, you have to offer to the Gods.
  • The Gods, thus pleased, would bestow their benefice.
  • Sometimes people would just give a god something small, like a cake or some incense, but sometimes they would give larger gifts like statues, architecture, and personal items.
  • One kind of offering to the Gods was an animal sacrifice.
  • People would gather together and kill an animal (usually a sheep, goat, pig or cow) near an altar to a god.
  • They would then cook and eat the meat together at a feast.
  • The bones and fat were burnt for the god as his or her share.
  • Whole cities would also give gifts to the gods, like temples and giant statues of them.
  • Temples were mostly used to store valuable gifts that people had given to the gods.
  • Another way that the Ancient Greeks would honour the gods was through competitions.
  • The Olympic games, for example, were held in Zeus's honour.
  • In Athens, people competed to write and perform the best plays in honour of Dionysus.
  • Processions were also an important part of Greek religion.
  • People would walk long distances through cities or the countryside carrying gifts to the gods and sacred objects.

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