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  • St Peter was the leader of a community of faith.
  • That community of faith grew in its devotion to and its belief in Jesus Christ
  • Rome was the capital of the civilised world at that time
  • So Rome became the central point for the Christian Communities to look to for leadership.
=============================================================================================================== Anglican Catholic Answer!Edit

S. Peter was first amongst equals in the apostolical college, he had no authority over any of his colleagues other than that of his own personality! He did however play a part in establishing the faith abroad, being the 'Apostle to the Circumcised,' the Jews. he was active in the east amongst the Jewish Diaspora, probably at Babylon. There is no positive proof, that he was in Rome for any length of time, though it is accepted by many catholics that he was present in the city at the end of his life. There were strong beliefs at one time that he brought the faith to Britain, though most people discount this .

His memory has been used to bolster up the authority of the Bishop of Rome. There can be no doubt that the Church at Rome was founded with S.Peter's help and encouragement, but it would appear that S.Paul was there before S. Peter and probably for a longer time The establishment of the Catholic Church was surely the joint product of the apostolic college rather than of one man!

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