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Sikhism is the western term for Gurmat.

Gurmat is the gift of God, or, God revealing the path. God is the Satguru of all humanity, and gives the path back home to Him. The gift is the Guru's doctrine.

For the strictly orthodox Sikh the faith which by preference he calls Gurmat (in contrast to the western term 'Sikhism') can be regarded as nothing less than the product of direct revelation from God. Gurmat means 'the Guru's doctrine'. God, the original Guru, imparted his message to his chosen disciple Nanak who, having intuitively apprehended the message, thereby absorbed the divine spirit and became himself the Guru. This same divine spirit passed at Nanak's death into the body of his successor, Guru Angad, and in this manner dwelt successively within a series of ten personal Gurus. At the death of the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, the divine spirit remained present within the sacred scripture and the community of the Guru's followers. He who accepts the teachings of the Gurus as recorded in the scripture (granth) or expressed in the corporate will of the community (panth) is truly a Sikh.

From the Hymns of Guru Nanak
The Guru has explained one thing to me:
There is but one Giver of all life, let me never forget Him.

I would pilgrimmage to a hly river if I thought I would gain His love
But with it all the ablutions are useless.
I behold all created beings,
But without grace, what can they obtain
The mind is filled with gems and precious stones
If we listen to just one item from the Guru's teachings.

The Guru has explained one thing to me:
There is but one Giver of all life, let me never forget him.

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