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  • Lourdes, is a place of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Lourdes is where people go to pray to Mary in order to feel united with her and her son, Jesus
  • Not all Christians have devotion to the Mother of God
  • Devotion is what people do in the name of their faith
  • Christians may have devotion to the Bible, to the Church, to the person of Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, or to God.
  • Not all people have the same devotional practices, although, what unites them is faith in God and faith in Jesus.
  • So you will understand that Christians may or may not have devotion to Mary, and yet, they are united as Christians with the same creed, the same beliefs about God acting in Jesus Christ to save sinners.


Our Lady of Lourdes
.It is really, really important in Lourdes !!!!****
it is a realy special place!*!*!

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