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Hate does not exist in God. Hate is a human emotion.

All religions teach that God is eternal, spirit, and LOVE.

  • Chrisitanity teaches God is love
  • Buddhism teaches metta, compassion for all
  • Judaism teaches that God says "I will be your God and you will be my people"
  • Hinduism teaches that God is the source of all, and all return to God at the end of their sojourn on earth
  • Parsees teach that God is light.

St Paul taught about concupiscience, the tendency towards lust and desires of the flesh, sarx in the original Greek. St Paul taught to put all out who practice this, heterosexual and homosexual; he did not single out homosexuals for specific treatment.

Most of the New Testament is from St Paul; 14 out of 27 documents in the New Testament are by Paul, and he is laying the foundations for the Church, a community which believes in the presence of Jesus and follows the teachings of Jesus.

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