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True Vegans do not anything that is considered a product of an animal. Eggs are unborn chickens.

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  • This is subject of much debate among vegans, and the decision is most likely the one made by each individual vegan. There is no rule of thumb, no right or wrong answer that you can point to about vegan diet and about the eating of eggs. It is a personal choice.
  • Gandhi said that fertilised eggs were acta potentia, potential life.
  • Gandhi then told it is okay for vegetarians to eat unfertilised eggs.
  • Eggs can have vibrations in them and can affect people who are relatively pure due subsistence on vegetarian, vegan and Jain diets.
  • Jain diet (vegetarian) specifies you only eat food of vegetable origin which has been exposed to sunlight. That eliminates all roots, tubers, yams and any vegetable which grows in the ground, hidden from sunlight.
  • Ipso facto, eggs make me bad tempered, so I don't eat them. Haven't had an egg for four years. I use an egg substitute in cooking, called No-Egg