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The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Sometimes called Mormons or LDS) follow the Bible and the Book of Mormon. 

Mormons do not have a special service on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day. The ways that Mormons celebrate the holidays are varied. Because they are part of a worldwide church, there is a tendency to include long-standing family and cultural traditions in their celebrations.

The Mormon Church has its worship services on Sundays. The church is divided into wards. Thus, you may hear Mormons refer to their church as a ward. Sometimes, the wards hold a Christmas party near the feast of Christmas.

One ward member tells of the Christmas party: The ward may be all were assigned to bring part of the dinner. After dinner, the teenagers sing a Christmas song and and there are songs about Mary and the Christ Child. The highlight of the Christmas Party is the nativity program presented by the children ages 3-11. There is nothing quite as adorable as little kids dressed up as sheep and angels. A narrator reads the Christmas story while the children sing. Occasionally, the entire congregation was asked to sing "We Three Kings" or "Silent Night". Having the ward Christmas party helps remind us of the true meaning of the Christmas season—it truly is a celebration of the glorious birth of our Savior.

In another place in the world, in the Mormon Church, the Christmas celebration is like so:

"Our Christmas church service is also on the Sunday proceeding Christmas but we have no choir (because we are a small group, with many new to the church not experienced at singing). So our meeting is made up of talks given by members of the congregation, as well as congregational hymns, and a few individuals with musical abilities share Christ-focused musical numbers. Often this takes place in Spanish and English languages, with translators helping us all understand what is being said."

Mormon church has a worldwide Christmas celebration early in the month of December. It is called the Christmas Devotional. It takes place in Utah, the location of the headquarters of our church, and is broadcast via satellite and internet throughout the world. It is full of music and words from our leaders about Christ and the best parts of the Christmas season, such as charity and hope. The benefit to the broadcast is that it is recorded and we can watch and re-watch the Devotional throughout the Christmas season. It is a wonderful way to start the month focused on Christmas because it is a reminder that Jesus Christ is the reason for Christmas.

You can view the Christmas Devotional Video here


Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square give the Christmas Concert