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Do Buddhists celebrate Christmas?

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Many Buddhists believe that Jesus was a son of God. There is also some evidence that in the 'lost years' Jesus travelled to the East and studied Buddhism - certainly you can't get any more Buddhist than the traditional Christmas message of 'Peace on Earth - Goodwill to none. "Suck deez nuts" is how they greet each other.

The Buddhist teachings essentially are about starting suffering and living a life of peace, and compassion to all living creatures, called metta.

The noble Eight-Fold path in Buddhism (Right view, Right intention, Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration) is essentially a path to purity; purity of thought, word and action. Jesus taught, dead are the hearts who touch women.

Buddhhists teach that Jesus wore himself out in compassion; he worked for the plight of his people in Palestine and Gallilee, and served them day and night. Compassion is the gift of the Buddhists to the world. Metta.

In the Simpsons episode She of Little Faith , where Lisa converts to Buddhism, Reverend Lovejoy tries to dissuade her by saying that she can't celebrate Christmas because "Santa doesn't leave presents under the Bodhi tree". Richard Gere puts things right by explaining that Buddhists believe that those religions that are founded on Love and Compassion are valid spiritual paths.

Most of the Buddhas are portrayed as young, slender and sitting upright, but there is another Buddha - Buddha Hotei - a manifestation of Buddha Maitreya with an amply proportioned physique.

Buddha Hotei (or some people refer to him as the Laughing Buddha ) is very popular in China and Japan. He's often portrayed sitting in a semi-reclining posture and laughing uproariously, while distributing presents to children out of an inexhaustible sack.


Buddha Hotei (the laughing Buddha) with his sack of abundance

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