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I am a Deist. Deists believe in the existence of God through tangible facts and evidence. We do not follow "religion" or the Bible. We believe there is a God who created the universe, we do not believe a wonderful piece of work like the universe could be made by something like the "big bang".

In many occasions scientists had been baffled by the unexplainable. We believe that's where God comes in.

Deist rely more on common sense and fairness, rather than what we think God might want us to do. Because there is no way to tell what God wants. Nobody can really tell what God really wants.

The wonderful Abraham Lincoln was a deist, and acted upon his decision to free the black race from slavery through what he thought was fair, rather than making a decision based on hoping (or thinking) it would please God.

Deists are extremely fair people, and are conscious of human feelings, not because we want to get rewarded; but because it is the right thing to do.

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