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  • The teachings followed by Jains was given by Mahavir, who was a teacher (called Tirthankara) who lived around 599 BC
  • People who follow Jainism are called Jains
  • Jains comes from the sanskrit word jina
  • A jina is a conqueror, a victor, one who has victory over the cycle of life and death
  • Jains follow the Law of Karma (every action produces a reaction)
  • Jains follow the path of Moksha (release from rebirth)
  • Jains practice Ahimsa (non-violence or non-injury to all things)
  • Jains are vegetarian
  • Jains practice self control and celibacy
  • Jains practice non-acquisition (they manage their minds and do not desire nor acquire everything they see)
  • Jains practice ANEKANTAVADA
  • This is a critical practice which the business world and leadership have taken up. It is the practice of seeing things from another point of view, looking for all possible points of view on a situation.
According to Jain teacher Mahavira,
  • Religion is the most auspicious thing in the world.
  • Religion consists of Non-violence, Self-Control, and Penance
  • Right knowledge, Right faith, Right conduct, are most three essentials for attaining the highest state of existence, Moksha, release from rebirth
  • A wise Jain will always practice the vows of Non-injury, Truth, Non-stealing, Celibacy and Non-acquisition.
  • Jains renounce injury to all living beings
  • All living beings are equal; one should treat all living beings as oneself
  • Man has to conquer his own self. Therefore Jains do not need gods, but they have Teachers, Tirthankaras, the highest of whom was Mahavira


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