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In many religious traditions, Hell is a place of suffering and punishment in the afterlife, often in the underworld.

Religions with a cyclic history often depict Hell as an intermediary period between incarnations (for example, the notion of the Chinese Diyu).

Punishment in Hell typically corresponds to sins committed in life. . In Islam and Christianity, however, faith and repentance play a larger role than actions in determining a soul's afterlife destiny.

Atheists do not believe in the tenets of religion. Therefore they will not have a belief in Hell, and may indeed, scoff at it.

They live their lives by their own values, and seek their own goals in life. They are not bound by the judgements of people who believe, in the different religions. This does not make them bad people or evil people. They are people who are part of society and culture, and in nearly all instances, are good people who uphold ethics and morals, for they have decided for themselves what is good, what is bad, what is right, what is wrong.

Largely, belief in the Afterlife is informed by religions and faith. Hinduism teaches that what happens after death is different for everybody. After all, everyone has different minds.

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